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That leads me to believe we're definitely above the 200,000-person mark," Geldart said. In contrast, approximately 400 buses have registered to park in the city on Inauguration Day, said Terry Owens, a spokesman for the District Department of Transportation, though he said that number is growing daily. For their part, march organizers are trying to get a headcount by asking people who plan to participate to fill out a questionnaire on their website. That will help ensure they have the right number of things like portable toilets, medical tents and food trucks, said Janaye Ingram, who is handling march logistics. More than 100,000 people have already registered using the form, Ingram said. Rally, a New York ธุรกิจเครือข่ายที่ดีที่สุด City-based transportation company that connects people with bus rides to events, has organized many of the buses coming to Washington for Saturday's march. The tally includes buses from more than 200 cities in 26 states. The company's president and co-founder, Siheun Song, said the northeastern portion of the United States has "largely become sold out of motor coaches" for the day. Demand is so great the company is using school buses to bring people to the march from Maryland, she said.

Fundraising campaigns posted on TrustLeaf arent public; theyre visible only to people the campaign creator invites by email. Thats actually one of the key differentiators of our site, Liang says. A lot of people want to keep their business idea and their fundraising process private, especially when asking friends and family for money. Theres no minimum ask for fundraising campaigns on the site, which tend to span 30 to 45 days. Borrowers can invite as many supporters to contribute to their campaigns as they want. They can also suggest several potential loan amounts and repayment scenarios. Attorney Curtis Mo, a ขาย ตรง เปิด ใหม่ ล่าสุด partner at global law firm DLA Piper and a TrustLeaf board member, created the sites template loan agreement. Entrepreneurs plug in the names, loan amount, termsand interest rate, and then both lender and borrower sign the document online, where its accessible 24/7. No private financial data is required to create a campaign or contract on the site. Borrowers can use TrustLeafs tracking and communication tools to keep tabs on payments and update lenders on their businesss progress. The ability to accept loans and repay borrowers through the site is coming, Liang says; the same goes for a convertible equity note template founders can use for loved ones who would rather be repaid in company shares than interest. The formal contract and ease of use made believers out of Meisch and his family.

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The formal contract and ease of use made believers out of Meisch and his family. They made the process organized and added a sense of legitimacy to what I was doing, he says, instead of me just picking up the phone and asking, Hey, can you loan me another $1,000? Armed with the additional funds, Meisch was able to stay in business long enough to attract the attention of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, which has conducted trials with his product on PTSD patients. Able: This company will give you a loan -- but theres a catch When the opportunity to buy an established hair salon fell into Hayley Grolls lap, she quickly took stock of her financing options. The veteran hairstylist wasnt approved by the online lender she initially contacted. Then she found Austin, Texas-based Able , which bills itself as a collaborative lender. Within three weeks, Groll had a three-year, $105,000 loan, enough to buy Shag Salon and renew its 1,850-square-foot commercial lease for a decade. Even better was her interest rate: 9 percent. The brainchild of Harvard MBAs Will Davis and Evan Baehr, Able offers business owners one- to three-year loans of $25,000 to $250,000 at 8 to 16 percent interest -- but with a twist: Borrowers must raise the first 25 percent from friends and family. What were really doing is trying to find the people who are being missed by traditional banks and even nontraditional online lenders, Davis says. Able conducted a beta test prior to its official launch in 2014, tweaking the terms and procedures with each loan.

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