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The woman indicated she did not hear any shutter clicks from the cellphone camera, leading her to believe the phone was either in its silent mode when photos were being taken or that the phone was in video recording mode. The woman said the incident was very upsetting, according to the criminal complaint filed by Upper Providence Detective Patrick Haines. Video surveillance obtained from the store showed the suspect entering the store and the fitting area and then leaving the store and driving away. Detectives prepared a crime flier which included the suspects photograph and within days detectives received information from county probation and parole officials who said they believed Ramos was the man depicted in the wanted flier. Ramos, who worked as a truck driver for an Oley company, previously had been on probation and parole for an indecent exposure conviction in 2008, according to court papers. On May 27, Upper Providence detectives, with the assistance of Reading police and state parole agents, went to Ramos residence with arrest and search warrants. During the search, detectives seized several cellphones allegedly belonging to Ramos. A forensic discover this examination of the phones uncovered numerous video and audio recordings and still photos, according to the arrest affidavit. There were 14 videos within the phone that were dated April 24 and had been taken inside the Target Store changing room area, Haines alleged. Thirteen of the videos depicted a teenage girl, who had been in the changing room trying on bathing suits, as she was in various stages of undress, according to the criminal complaint. The fourteenth video was the one that was interrupted by the adult woman who initiated the complaint to store personnel and police, court papers indicate.

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